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3 Reasons Shooting Steel Reigns Supreme

Steel Targets give you the positive reinforcement needed when shooting targets for speed and distance.

Shooting steel for pistols is awesome. Hearing the impact on the round on the steel lets the shooter know immediately that his or her shots reached their intended target.

One critical sensory element overlooked is that shooting is not always just hand and eye coordination but also audible. Hearing the threat positively impacted trains shooters to listen also for their impacts.

Learn more about steel targets in the video below.

Shooting for distance is greatly improved with steel targets as shooters don’t have to walk long distances downrange to check their impacts. I’m not saying this a great excuse not to walk, but more so it gives the shooter more time to focus on their training rather than checking their paper targets for impacts. You hear the “ting,” and you know that you had a positive impact.

The best part of training with steel targets is that you can literally shoot thousands of rounds on a steel target before it will begin to degrade. Most targets are designed to last for many years. The impacts of the rounds are still visible so a fresh coat of spray paint will help show you where the impact hit if it’s relevant for the training. Check out Shoot Steel’s website for their training kits. These seem to be the most affordable and the most customizable for the recreational shooter.

Also, remember that shooting steel gets rid of any trash that you might have to get rid of when leaving the range. Release a couple of bolts from the frame of the targets and stow and go. Range clean up can get messy once you start shooting non traditional targets especially if the contents of those targets are under pressure. Then you might have to walk a while to pick it all up. Happy training.



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3 Reasons Shooting Steel Reigns Supreme