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3 Reasons People Enjoy Hunting Besides the Buck

hunting whitetail deer is about more than the buck

Hunting whitetail deer is about a lot more than the buck. These are only a few reasons to enjoy hunting.

Dec. 1, was the start of hunting season in the Erie region. Many hunters were packed up and ready to go. While the goal of hunting whitetail deer is going out to get a buck, the truth is hunting is about much more than that.

1. Tradition

Hunters enjoy the adrenaline rush and excitement that comes with a successful hunt, but that isn't the only reason people like to go hunting. For many of us, hunting is a longstanding family tradition that is passed down and enjoyed by multiple generations. Hunting skills are passed down from parents to children for decades and it is a tradition that is valued by the whole family.

2. Bonding

Joining family or friends out in the woods in nature provides valuable bonding time together. With little else to entertain ourselves, we rely on quiet cooperation and communication to pass the time. We have to work together and learn from each other to succeed.

Deer Hunting

3. Peace and Nature

When we go hunting with the family, there are few or no distractions. A lack of electronics, lots of silence, and vast amounts of tranquility brings renewed joy and a chance to escape our busy, noisy lives. Going out hunting allows ourselves to be entertained by family and nature instead of social media or cell phones.

The buck at the end of the trip is a wonderful benefit, too!

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3 Reasons People Enjoy Hunting Besides the Buck