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3 Reasons You Need a Direct Action Ghost Backpack

The Direct Action Ghost Backpack is meticulously made to meet your needs. 

Multi function bags are the survivalist’s dream. The Direct Action Ghost Backpack satifies that and also gives a fighting ability to the user.

Most bags offer a large amount of space but don’t really offer much after wearable real estate. At some point you’re going to have to think about quick detachments if you’re going to be able to ditch gear while on the move.

The Direct Action Ghost Backpack allows you to separate the main bag from the smaller bag so you can move quicker.

The 500 Denier nylon structure prevents water from penetrating the material, thus keeping your items inside dry. The small pocket at the top seemed to get wet but the video pointed out that the pack was hit with heavy rain.

A detachable belt is also a huge selling point for this bag. Not many bags offer a belt that is removable from the main bag that seconds as a patrol belt. This bag also includes shoulder straps to help balance out the weight evenly across hips and shoulders.

With the included laser-cut molle, you can add all of your favorite pouches and holsters to stay in motion.

This bag offers a lot of multiple roles for the end user. With some forethought and careful planning, this pack can be a huge asset in any emergency situation. Go pack, hiking pack, war pack… this backpack fits them all.

Stay Vigilant, and keep your bags stocked.


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3 Reasons You Need a Direct Action Ghost Backpack