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3 Reasons Hunters in High Pressure States Are Better Than Ones in Low Pressure States

high pressure states for whitetails

Hunters living in high pressure states might be better than you think.

Do you live in Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, or any state that's notorious for high deer hunting pressure? The hunting may be tough, but if you can harvest mature bucks in Michigan or any other high pressure state, you can do it anywhere. Here's why people hunting those tough states are better than hunters who live in the whitetail mecca states like Iowa and Illinois.

1. They Hunt Overlooked Areas

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Hunters living in high pressure areas are conditioned to hunt those overlooked areas. They are so used to every single hunter keying in on prime looking areas that the good ones search every inch of google earth to find that hidden gem. Place one of these hunters in Iowa, and I'll bet they quickly find a piece of overlooked land that holds a mature buck.

2. They Work Harder for Their Deer

In states that get pounded with pressure, where there's seemingly a deer hunter around every tree, in order to harvest a mature buck, you usually have to put in a lot more work than the next guy. Not to say somebody who hunts a prime state in the Midwest doesn't work hard to be consistent at harvesting mature bucks, but hunters there don't necessarily have to go to the same extreme lengths.

3. They Hunt Smarter Deer

high pressure whitetail hunting

In high pressure states, the deer become much smarter. Not only do most deer get smarter in these states, but bucks that make it to maturity can become close to impossible to kill. Mature bucks become conditioned to people grunting, rattling, and can calling at them.

If you put a hunter who lives in one of these states into the woods of Illinois, where a buck is more apt to respond to calling during the rut, it's like putting them in a mall with a million dollars. That hunter will have endless options for getting that buck into range, whereas in a high pressure state, you might as well keep those calls in your backpack.

Living in low pressure Midwest states gets all of the whitetail glory. But if you live in those high pressure states, know that you are becoming a better whitetail hunter, and if you make an out-of-state trip to one of the whitetail mecca areas, you can get ready for fantastic odds at harvesting a mature buck!

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3 Reasons Hunters in High Pressure States Are Better Than Ones in Low Pressure States