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3 Reasons Why You Should Bring a Camo Hammock on Every Hunt

Got all your hunting gear packed? Here are three reasons to bring one more thing: a camo hammock from Grand Trunk.

When you?re going to be out in the field for a few nights, you need gear that packs light and stays concealed. There?s not much room for those extra comfort items we all love. You have to be able to carry everything you own miles into the woods.

That means proper seating is one of the first things to go. There are no comfy lawn chairs out there, so your choices are limited to the trunk of a downed tree (if you?re lucky) or the hard ground, neither of which are the pinnacle of comfort.

That is, unless you?re smart, and pack a hammock, like this one from Grand Trunk that features the Mossy Oak Break-Up camo pattern.

Here are the top three reasons why you absolutely need to have a hammock on the hunt:


At 21.6 ounces, you won?t even feel the extra weight. Proper straps will run about another 9-10 ounces, but they are totally worth it for the time and effort they save.

Hammocks are ridiculously packable too. A double hammock will pack down to about the size of a Nalgene water bottle and can also be clipped to the outside of a pack. Its mobility in the field is unrivaled.

Ease of use

Pick out two anchor points (usually trees, but doesn?t have to be), throw your straps around them, hang your hammock and relax. Easy as that. And with the brand new 14-foot straps, there?s no way you can?t find a spot to hang. For many hunters, trees are in much higher supply than flat ground devoid of roots & rocks. This thing also holds up to 400 pounds so your dog can hop in and take a break with you.




We all know that days out in the woods can be long and tiring, and finding a spot to rest your head for a bit in the backcountry is nearly impossible. Sure, a pillow of leaves is always an option, but let?s be honest, you?d rather kick your feet up and enjoy a bit of comfort. It’s almost a guarantee there won?t be anything more comfortable for miles around.

If you needed another reason to believe a hammock is a good hunting accessory, here’s one: Grand Trunk is offering up a 25% off discount on the Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Hammock if you use the Promo Code: Mossy.

For many, hunting isn?t a passion, it?s an obsession. The folks at Mossy Oak know this better than anyone, and the field tested camo they designed was made to fuel that obsession. That?s why Grand Trunk has partnered with them to make the best hunting hammock yet.

The new Break-Up Country Camo from Mossy Oak has changed the way you disappear into the landscape. Combine that with the incredible size, strength, and mobility of Grand Trunk‘s Double Hammock and you?ll be the envy of every hunter in the woods.

So, ditch the camp chairs and clunky tent poles and get into something that?s light enough to carry anywhere, and strong enough to hold you and your trusted hunting dog.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Bring a Camo Hammock on Every Hunt