3 Pure Michigan Hunting Trip Winners Successful, Including This Great Shot on an Elk [VIDEO]

The three winners of the 2015 Pure Michigan Hunt have already had successful seasons in turkey, elk, and black bear.

Take a look at the video of Mike Sikkenga of Whitehall as he bags a 7-by-7 bull elk.

Sikkenga, Jason Eurich of Saginaw and Mike DiLorenzo of Rochester won the prize packages back in April.

Every year, three Pure Michigan Hunt winners get to live out their dreams by pursuing elk, bear, deer, turkey and ducks in Michigan’s great outdoors.

Eurich and DiLorenzo both were successful in harvesting turkeys during the spring season.

Along with Sikkenga, DiLorenzo and Eurich harvested elk this fall. Eurich also bagged a fall turkey and a 300-plus-pound Upper Peninsula black bear. Now the three are looking for success during deer and waterfowl seasons.

Hunters can register for the 2016 Pure Michigan Hunt at The winner receive a prize package worth more than $4,000.

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