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3 Lethal Features on the Midwest Industries Fighting Rifle

Midwest Industries, has possibly built the most lethal battle rifle on the market.

Its Yeager Approved, and isn’t going to send you to the poor house. Check out this video review below.

Starting with the Leupold VX-R patrol scope, the optical clarity is perfect. The fire-dot reticle is adjustable and is considerably bright even when using under direct sunlight. The best part of the scope is the price. Priced around $650, this scope allows the everyday shooter to get some quality optics made here in America, with a capability to hit targets 600 yards away (with proper training of course). I am an owner of this optic and can second every claim Yeager says in this video.

The second awesome part of this kit is the caliber that the Midwest rifle shoots. We’re all well aware that the .308 is the formidable fighting rifle caliber. It can reach targets as far as 1000 yards, and delivers some serious muzzle velocity at 300 yards (about 1500 ft/lbe). Compared to the 5.56 NATO that can only reach half the distance at half the energy (about 700 ft/lbe at 300 yards). Both cartridges have been critical in their missions overseas, but the .308 remains the superior choice.

The third best part is the Sub Moa, groups that appeared to be very easy with the 16 inch Criterion stainless, nitride finish, 1/10 twist barrel (good luck saying that fast). The rifle accuracy was exceptional and Yeager covers the details embedded within the rifle. Check out the full details on the Midwest Industries site. Happy training.



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3 Lethal Features on the Midwest Industries Fighting Rifle