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3-Legged Gator Harassing Florida Fishermen [VIDEO]

In Orange County, Florida, some fishermen are getting some unexpected competition.

A three-legged gator is quickly turning into a fisherman’s menace in a small county park located in Orange County, Florida.

Blanchard Park fishermen are starting to rethink their trips to the area due to the frequency of this particular alligator stealing their fish from their lines as they are trying to real in their catches.

Local fisherman to the area tend to think that the splashing of the fish that are being reeled in attracts the aggressive three-legged gator, likely indicating an easy meal. They also think this gator’s aggressiveness probably stems from the fact that it only has three legs.

One fisherman, Tony Jenkins, actually captured personal cell phone footage of this gator doing what it does best, stealing a fish from a young man’s line.

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“He walked around to get a better angle to get this fish from the gator’s mouth. The gator wouldn’t let go,” said Jenkins.

Eventually this gator will probably need to be removed from the area.

“He’s accustomed to us humans and us fishing,” said Jenkins. “He’ll maybe one day take it a little bit further.”

Hopefully this situation ends with a happy ending.

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3-Legged Gator Harassing Florida Fishermen [VIDEO]