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3 Important Things You're Forgetting About While Summer Scouting

There's a lot that goes into summer scouting for whitetails. These are three things you might be forgetting about.

When it comes to summer scouting, and planning for deer season, there is an abundance of work that needs to be done. Inevitably, your going to gloss over a few things. Here are three important things to not forget about this summer.

1. Water


With everyone focused on food plots so much, you can easily forget about the benefits of water. Not that food plots are a bad thing, they're not at all. But water can be equally as effective. Finding a popular creek crossing where deer like to get a drink can be a great spot to hunt. If you don't have any natural water on your hunting property, consider creating a man made watering hole.

2. Staging Areas

Staging areas are easily overlooked in the summer. There is a lot of attention that goes into scouting crop fields, pinch points, and bedding areas. A staging area is a place that deer like to hang out before heading out to feed for the night. It it usually near a food source, and a place that deer feel safe. If you find a cluster of rubs fifty to a hundred yards off of a food source, this could be a great place to hang a stand for the fall. Chances are a buck is waiting there for the cover of darkness before hitting the food source.

3. Scout The Does

Alex Comstock

We all want to shoot big bucks, and knowing where the does live can greatly help those chances. When the rut comes in, what are bucks looking for? The answer would be those does. If you know where the does live, you will know where to find the bucks during the rut.

Scouting does in the summer also gives you the opportunity to put meat in the freezer. Early season is a great time to shoot a couple does if you want to have venison at home to eat.

Fall will be here before you know it. As your out finishing up your scouting efforts in the coming months, don't forget about these three things, they may be difference makers during the hunting season.

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3 Important Things You're Forgetting About While Summer Scouting