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3 Hunting Vehicles That Will Make You Say 'Hmmm'

Have you ever wondered how over the top hunting vehicles could get?

If you can imagine it, these hunting vehicles have it!

From the desert southwest, swamps of Florida, and Alaskan tundra: these vehicles are as extreme as it gets.

1. Critter Gitter

Based in League City of Texas, they have built Critter Gitters for game ranches in the southwest to a prince from the United Arab Emirates. Each vehicle is a custom build based on the customers needs, from the frame to the cab, and the electrical.

Just a few of the options are: seating for large parties, custom crocodile leather upholstery, custom sound system, pressurized water, toilets, beds, air conditioned dog boxes, and 50 caliber gun mounts. They look as good under the hood as they do from the outside. Great pride is taken in routing and securing wiring, fuel lines, and hoses.

A prince from the Middle East ordered a Critter Gitter with 24-karat gold sinks and rosewood inlays. Another customer needed a dance floor and stripper pole. My favorites are the air conditioned dog box, poker table, and wet bar. After talking to the guys at Critter Gitter I quickly learned, if you can imagine it, they can fabricate it.

2. Swamp Buggies of Florida

Based in Florida, they have an impressive line of swamp buggies, and they are built to sling mud. As you can imagine, elevated hunting in the bogs for hogs is much safer than stepping over alligators and snakes. The swamp buggies come with 54-inch tires to help keep you out of the swamp. The custom chassis, drive train, and rails have over 300 pounds of steel.

To prevent you from getting stuck in the swamp, you can order up to a 1,000 horsepower engine. Special care is made to place safety rails and bars to keep you away from gators. Rust can be a problem in the wetlands, so Swamp Buggies of Florida use a special orange epoxy primer. Mike Cox and his team are producing high-quality buggies and are now used by law enforcement and state agencies.

3. Alaskan Moose Buggies

Moose Buggy

Some moose buggy builders take more pride in their creations than others. You will see moose buggies that look like something from a Little Rascals movie and others look show room ready. Mike Lavin is well known for his more realistic version of the moose buggy. He built his buggy to be a beast of burden. Not only is his moose buggy rugged, but it is rainproof, snow-proof, and warm in the winter. Moose buggies must store axes, shovels, and the like in easy to get to places and Mike makes sure his buggy is user-friendly.

Alaskans will use everything for a moose buggy's foundation, from military vehicles to one-ton trucks. Mike prefers a one-ton Chevy powered by a 383 C.U. engine with a Quadrajet 4-barrel carburetor. The frame is custom built with steel tubing to handle the brush busting duties. Aluminum plates make up the rest of the body. Moose buggies go on long trips carrying a lot of weight out and back, so Mike takes no shortcuts when building his buggy. Moose buggies are built for maximum towing capability; Mike and team tow a trailer full of fuel. Winches are a must, and he puts them on the front and back.

If you are like me, it doesn't matter if a hunting buggy has a dance floor, gator bars, or A-Frame to lift a moose; I am fascinated by them all. Whether you make it yourself or order it, it will add a certain, "cool factor" to your hunting trip. Who knows, maybe this will inspire the buggy builder in you!


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3 Hunting Vehicles That Will Make You Say 'Hmmm'