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3 Hunting Books You've Definitely Never Read, But Need to Immediately [PICS]

The great hunting books, especially the vintage ones, still offer us a wealth of information that we can use to be better hunters.

You have probably never read these hunting books, but you should soon!

 1. "The New Hunter's Encyclopedia"

The third revised edition of 1966 is a favorite. This 1,131-page book is a huge wealth of knowledge that pre-dates the new technology gadgets that many hunters have come to depend on.

Hunting different game species, cartridge reloading and many other hunting subjects are covered in this book. You need to have a copy in your library for reference and winter reading.


2. "Small Game & Varmint Hunting"

This book by Wilf E. Pyle is a 288-page, in-depth study on the sport and how-to of small game and varmint hunting. Published in 1989, hunting, shooting and cooking small game is all studied in detail.

While the newest whiz-bang cartridges may not fill this book, the classic small game and varmint cartridges detailed in this book still kill game as dead as the newer cartridges.


 3. "Sportsman's Guide To Game Animals" by Leonard Lee Rue III

For the American game hunter, this book is pure gold. Published in 1968, this book has chapters on all the mammal game species one could think of.

There are chapters on description, distribution, travel, habits, senses, communication, locomotion, breeding, birth and young, life span, sign, enemies, human relations, trophy records and table fare. This book has it all.

$_35 (1)

I have had all of these books in my library for years and read them regularly for reference. Add them to your library soon too! Check your local library or online for a copy.

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3 Hunting Books You've Definitely Never Read, But Need to Immediately [PICS]