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3 Horrifying True Fishing Stories

true fishing stories

Warning: listener discretion advised! We all love fishing, but you might have to quit if these absolutely terrifying tales happened to you.

Fishing is a pastime that brings many to the water every year. Nothing beats a great day on the lake with a live well full of your favorite catch. Fishing stories flood the coffee shops during the week as people discuss all their big catches from the weekends.

These stories aren’t so pleasant, though. As a matter of fact, they are downright scary, possibly scary enough to make you sell all your tackle and poles. Granted, we are not certain they’re true, but that is what they claim.

Regardless, this video will be enough to make your heart pound and  your hair stand up. Just be thankful they aren’t happening to you.

I’m pretty sure the narrator could read a children’s book and it would still scare people with that music and monotonous, spooky voice.

Before you head out for your next fishing trip, make sure you don’t give these stories a listen. Or, if you enjoy scaring the tar out of people, have your fishing buddies listen on the way to the lake.

Best advice I can give you is to think twice before you fish at night. You could be one castaway from a nightmare.

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3 Horrifying True Fishing Stories