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3 Hazard 4 Range Bags You Shouldn’t Live Without

Hazard 4 has three new range bags that will maximize your trips to the range and abroad.

These three packs are quietly innovative. While they may look like rugged bags, they can conceal rifles within them and are a practical, discreet way to transport your firearms to the range on your mission.

In today’s world where thefts are commonplace and people give you discerning looks for carrying anything weapons-related, hiding in plain sight is quickly becoming the new normal.

Beginning with the Overwatch day pack, this bag offers you a place to carry your rifle securely within the bag. The Overwatch also gives you better control over carrying your rifle when moving through high vegetation that can get snagged on slings and hardware. The pack does not replace a sling for combat techniques, but it helps carry the rifle over greater distances. Slings will place the rifle weight on your neck whereas the pack will place the weight over your back and shoulders.

The Overwatch can add three liters of hydration to the pack, giving the wearer water while on the move. Molle compatible webbing is all over the bag as on all the Hazard 4 bags. The sleeves for the rifle can be rolled and stowed in the higher or lower postion. You have the option to elevate the rifle or lower it below the head to prevent snagging on items above. The stowed rifle can be quickly pulled over head if needed.

The Battle Axe is a covert carry bag that disguises your rifle as a guitar bag. The case can easily conceal a carbine, or shorter length rifle. The Battle Axe can actually carry a guitar and a rifle in the same main compartment. The two items are separated by a padded insert that keeps the guitar from making contact with the rifle. Three separate pouches help organize smaller items and keep the kit together.

The Plan C is the newest bag, and is still not available on their website. The Plan C is the smallest of the packs that can still carry an M4 or AK. The Plan C still has the capability to store a concealed pistol and a small carbine broken down. Two ruggedized pockets and organized pouches keep everything organized.

The Plan C has one large sling strap that allows the bag to be carried across the chest versus both shoulders. The sling carry is advantageous for people who would anticipate drawing their pistols quickly and want to place the bag in front of them. No plate carrier pouches appeared on this bag, but you can always add your own ballistic squares inside for lightweight armor.

Hazard 4 plan c

These new bags would make great additions to anyone’s typically range gear, and also work excellently to conceal personal weaponry. The most important part of these items, however, isn’t how you carry your weapon, it’s how effective you are in using it. Stay vigilant in your training.

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3 Hazard 4 Range Bags You Shouldn’t Live Without