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3 Camping Hacks, 1 Trip to the Hardware Store

Make your next camping trip a little better with these three items you can pick up at any hardware store.

Matt, from the YouTube channel NampaHiker, took a trip to his local hardware store and found three items you wouldn't normally see and think, "I could use that while camping." Most items are cheap, and with a little imagination, have multiple uses.

Check out his three awesome camping hacks!

You would be amazed at the stuff you can use on camping trips to make tasks easier on your stay in the woods more comfortable. All of these hacks are great and well thought out. I never would have thought to use the Tyvek for anything outdoors-related, other than the side of your house.

My favorite is the use of Reflectix insulation to reflect your body heat and keep you warm. There is nothing worse than sleeping on the cold ground while it sucks your body heat away from you. You can also turn it into a handy cup warmer!


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3 Camping Hacks, 1 Trip to the Hardware Store