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3 Gun Thieves Arrested at Tulsa Gun Show [PICS]

All images via Tulsa World

Three gun show dealers were arrested for stealing guns at the Wanenmacher’s Tulsa Arms Show. 

Gun shows are great entertainment where one can handle a variety of firearms and accessories. At a recent gun show in Tulsa, Oklahoma three men that were long-time vendors did the unthinkable. They stole guns right off the other vendor’s tables.

The men arrested include, George Reginald Adams, age 78, of Wichita Falls, Texas, charged with concealing the stolen property; Richard Eugene Futch, age 68, of Seymore, Texasis, charged with grand larceny in the theft of a Colt Derringer; and Kenneth Lee Reynolds, age 74, of Ottumwa, Iowa, facing grand larceny because of a theft of a rifle and a shotgun. The total value of those guns together is $35,900.

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The three men have been annual attendants to the show for years.

Founder Joe Wanenmacher said; “The surprising thing, all three of these were dealers, they had (vendor) badges, and they had been coming to our show for several years. These were not young guys, either. I’ll just say they were old enough to know better. This is wild!”

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The expo, where the gun show is held, had just installed a camera system with facial recognition that caught the men taking guns off other vendor’s tables and putting them under their own.

“My intuition always was it had to be a vendor,” Wanenmacher said. “If a customer tried to do it they would be stopped and caught by security guards at the door. But vendors take things out in cases and can take out several firearms at a time.”

Now more and more gun show managers are requesting surveillance in their own expo centers.

All images via Tulsa World

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3 Gun Thieves Arrested at Tulsa Gun Show [PICS]