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3-Gun Shooter Clears Obstacle With Epic Slide [VIDEO]


Check out how this 3-gun shooter cleared a low wall like a boss!

The 3-gun shooter in this video will probably remember this run for a long time. After clearing the AR-15 stage of his run, the shooter runs towards a low wall obstacle. Instead of army crawling or rolling under it, this 3-gun shooter decides to step it up a notch.

His epic slide clears the obstacle fast and he quickly pops back up to continue firing.

For anyone watching the video who thinks it was dangerous, note that he doesn’t cock his pistol until he is back on his feet. His slide was no more dangerous than clearing the obstacle in any other way. He did lose a magazine or two during the slide, but made a clean slide otherwise.

The 3-gun shooter may have not saved himself much time with the slide, but it is undeniable that he looked pretty cool doing it.

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3-Gun Shooter Clears Obstacle With Epic Slide [VIDEO]