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3 Great Deer Hunting Spots in the State of Texas

So, are you planning to go deer hunting in Texas anytime soon? It’s not a bad decision.

The state actually has one of the largest whitetail herds in the country which numbers somewhere near 3 or 4 million animals. If deer’s your game, Texas is probably one of the best states to visit. This is especially true right now as whitetail season here extends all the way from November to January.

However, the question then becomes where do you go in Texas? Well, let’s talk about some good places to visit if you want venison on the menu.

South Texas

First, South Texas is worth mentioning. This is the place to go if you’re in it for the big bucks…by which I mean deer. The Brush County of South Texas is known for producing trophy whitetail bucks. Unfortunately, you may have to pay a lot for it.

Most hunting done in South Texas (as well as in most of the state as a whole) is done on high fence ranches that you pay a fee to hunt in. Many places charge you by point for the buck while others have much more affordable “hunting packages” where you can pay to spend a few days on their property.

Rates can vary, but I’ve seen that most places charge around $2,200 for two days and two nights. Some hunters I’ve spoken with have referred to this as “the weekend package.” Although it would be nice to hunt freely on the terrain, most of the area is already owned by private land owners. You have to take what you can get.

White tail deer

Hill Country

Next, there’s the Texas Hill Country. By Hill Country, I’m primarily referring to the area between Austin and San Antonio. As far as deer hunting in Texas is considered, this place is the jackpot. Almost half of all the state’s deer are located here. In fact, deer are so plentiful here that the hunter success ratio is close to 100 percent.

As someone who lives here, let me tell you that you can’t take your car out for a drive without swerving to miss a buck or two on winter nights. Although, it should be mentioned that hill country deer tend to be bit smaller than their cousins in South Texas. An average deer hunter would be excited to tag a mature 8- or 10-point buck that scores in the 110 to 130 B&C range.

The terrain also offers a good hunting ground with a mix of cedars, mesquites, and oaks amidst a rolling, rocky terrain. Unlike the Brush County, most of the fences here are low and deer have a lot more freedom to move around freely. Still, try to keep track of where you are as a lot of the land is private, and you don’t want to get into trouble.

Bright Fall Foliage Lining the Rocky River Bed of the Frio River

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The last place worth mentioning is the Pineywoods in East Texas. Like in South Texas, most hunters here will have to rely on “hunting packages” to get good access to game. Although in this region, you can find such packages for as low as $1,500. The deer population here is closely monitored and reported each year.

According to a number of hunters who’ve worked in the region, the nighttime is the best time to go hunting as most of the animals are nocturnal. It’s also worth it to try to make it here early in the hunting season as the area is usually picked clean sooner than the other hunting spots I’ve mentioned. Some hunters believe that deer here will migrate farther east once hunting season begins, but there’s no conclusive evidence of this.

The terrain in the Pineywoods is (surprise, surprise) thickly wooded giving deer many more places to hide. It’s a place worth hunting if you’re quick witted and don’t mind staying out late.

Bright Fall Colors of Texas Cypress Trees with Crystal Clear Riv

Well, if you’re planning on hunting in Texas anytime soon, these three places are worth the visit. Between the three of them, you have more than three fourths of the deer population in the state available to you.

Happy hunting!

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3 Great Deer Hunting Spots in the State of Texas