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This 3-Foot Grass Carp Was Caught in a Flooded Ohio Street [VIDEO]

Watch this Ohio teen wrangle a 3-foot grass carp in a flooded street and release it in a nearby pond.

Jake Sawyer of North Royalton, Ohio can be considered a true fishing conservationist after his rescue mission helped a grass carp stuck on a flooded street, according to WKYC.

Shortly after Monday night’s heavy rain, Sawyer’s neighbors had pointed out bubbles and movement, and the 16-year-old recognized the fish as it surfaced, quickly realizing how big it was.

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Estimates put the grass carp close to 40 pounds and it measured about three feet long. The species is known to reach sizes double that.

YouTube footage from the AssociatedPress shows raw clips of Jake wading into the the street towards the huge fish. He manages to get a bear hug around the grass carp and carry it through his yard to the pond behind his home.

Jake didn’t need to think twice after realizing the fish was stranded, quickly grabbing his Crocs and venturing out into the dark, flooded street to conduct the rescue mission.

Sawyer’s father, Jeremiah, told the news station that even though the family’s basement was flooded during the downpour, they still managed to “make it an enjoyable night considering.”

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Grass carp are also known as white amur, and despite being native to Asia, they are not of the infamous and troublesome bighead or silver carp variety. They were originally brought to Europe and the US to serve as aquatic vegetation control, essentially carrying the role of underwater lawn mowers.

Have you ever seen fish in strange places after a flood? Leave your comments below.


Phoito via WKYC

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This 3-Foot Grass Carp Was Caught in a Flooded Ohio Street [VIDEO]