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3 Extreme Scent Control Tactics You Probably Won’t Try [PICS]

Think you’re serious about scent control in the deer woods? These techniques will make you think again.

The hunting world has an entire industry dedicated to reducing, eliminating, or covering human scent. Their marketing claims usually dance around this truth: They can’t completely fool a whitetail’s nose.

Here are some extreme, science-based tactics you can use to mitigate your scent profile.

1. Remove your tonsils

Banish Tonsil Stones

That’s right. Cut those babies out (but don’t do it yourself). Tonsils have deep pockets in them, known as crypts. This is an apt term, since it’s where random food particles, mucous, and dead tissue from your mouth get trapped and begin to decompose. Your body’s response to these foreign particles is to calcify them into objects known as tonsilloliths, which smell about as bad as you’d imagine.

Not everyone with tonsils has tonsilloliths, but most do. You can see these little stink pearls as white areas on your tonsils in the back of your throat. You can massage them out, but unless you remove your tonsils completely, it’s likely they’ll form again.

Spray down with as much scent killer as you’d like before you hit the stand. However, as long as you’re breathing, you’re stinking.

2. De-hair yourself

The C Word

If you’ve ever wanted to look like a swimmer or a Tour de France cyclist, here’s your chance.

Hair on your body, specifically in areas where you sweat the most, creates a perfect habitat for bacteria to feast on the goodies in that sweat. As they metabolize, they expel gasses as a waste product. These gasses aren’t pleasant, especially to a deer.

Cut down your forest of smells by shaving yourself as clean as a newborn baby. If you do perspire, you’ll dry off much faster and starve out those odor producing bacteria.

3. Don’t sweat it


Your sweat has an odor to it, even if it’s not being consumed by microbes. Over the counter antiperspirants and deodorants can only do so much to curb perspiration, especially if you’re out all day.

Lock down your poresso they can’t release sweatwith a prescription topical treatment like Drysol or Hypercare.

Both products use an aluminum chloride solution to temporarily close off pores on folks who want to stop sweating heavily. You’ll need to work with your physician for a prescription for either product.

Once you do, you’ll be high and dry in your treestand, not sweating the climb that got you there.

Still think you’re crazy about scent control? These three tactics make most hunters’ methods seem tame.

Are you extreme enough to consider trying any of them?

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3 Extreme Scent Control Tactics You Probably Won’t Try [PICS]