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3 Epic Videos of Stranded Whales Exploding on the Beach

Whales exploding, make for some great viral video content, check out this video which features three examples. 

If you’ve never witnessed whales exploding first-hand consider yourself lucky, as they make for dirty and stinky messes.

This video is a compilation of beached whales exploding on various beaches throughout the world. Put on a rain coat and enjoy.

The first whale in this video was found on a Denmark beach, and was of the Sperm variety. They kept the skeleton for a local museum. The whale from the second video beached itself in Taiwan, and it took a whole crew of men to take care of it.

The last part of the video is arguably the best example of an exploding whale and it happened in Oregon. Crews had to use dynamite to blow up the carcass as it would not explode naturally. These are prime examples of how exploding whales can literally impact your life.

Methane gas can build up in the abdominal area of dead animals, and as you just saw when it gets to be too much, an explosion occurs.



Graphic Footage: Beached Sperm Whale Explodes Sky High

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3 Epic Videos of Stranded Whales Exploding on the Beach