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3 Deer Hunting Videos that Show Avoidable Mistakes

Don't be these guys the next time you head out hunting, we all make mistakes but these ones could have been avoided.

It goes without saying that humans make mistakes. We are not perfect nor do many of us claim to be.

When it comes to deer hunting, we need to do our best to learn from our mistakes and work to avoid them in the future.

Buck fever can occur at any time and take over our ability to control our decision making. It's imperative to you and the animal you are hunting, to take that extra minute, focus, be patient and avoid common mistakes.

Below are three videos of deer hunters who have paid the price in embarrassment, anger and complete disbelief. Their mistakes may have cost them a deer, but worse yet, their dignity. The mistakes below are avoidable and hopefully help ensure you don't make them in the future.

Buck Fever At Its Best

This one may actually not be avoidable. Buck fever is your body's natural instinct to pure adrenaline, excitement, nerves and stress. This poor girl had a great opportunity to draw her bow back at 18 yards on a solid whitetail buck, the problem, buck fever. She just couldn't over come it.

It's the highs and lows in hunting, as the man mentions in the video, and it's what makes hunting exciting and fun. We are not perfect and if you are new or an expert, I can assure you time will arrive when you will get buck fever. It's how you respond and react to overcome that will determine if buck fever has you or you beat buck fever.

Take Your Time

If anyone knows about making hunting mistakes it is me. I take vacation from early October to the middle of November and spend every day in the woods. I travel throughout the northeast from New York through to Virginia and out to Missouri and Ohio. I put countless hours in the woods hunting; with that much time in the woods, I am bound to make some mistakes.

The video above shows me on the second day of the season in Maryland last year. I love filming my hunts for Top Pin Outdoors, and though there are many benefits to filming your own hunts, there are also many times that filming has hindered my success.

Several times in the past few years I have been busted trying to zoom, focus, and pan. Waiting too long to get my bow and concentrating more on filming than hunting has created issues as well. It's not easy to self film and many times I'd like to think that I'm not a bad hunter, I'm just a really bad cameraman.

For this hunt, I wasn't going to shoot this buck at first. He was younger than we normally shoot on this particular property and it was so early in the season I had no true excitement to taking him. It wasn't until I saw the opportunity to make good video and allow me to leave Maryland and head to Pennsylvania for my next hunt that I wanted this deer to take a dirt nap.

As I made the decision and went to full draw, the deer went out of frame. The deer was standing there with 25 yard shot. I shoot my bow close to five days a week beginning at the end of June every year so this shot was nothing. The only problem was as the deer made his way out of frame, I was already at full draw and needed to nudge the camera with my elbow.

I made the common "blah" noise to stop the buck, but didn't take my time to set and breathe. Once I reached my anchor point it was extremely quick to release the arrow, almost as I was afraid the deer was going to run away. An avoidable mistake and if anyone can take something away from this, it's worth sharing on our YouTube Channel as we all make mistakes, only some of the more confident and honest ones are capable of sharing.

Not preparing for the weather.

Warning: Strong language used in the video.

The video above shows how early bird gets the worm. No that's not it, it's the hunter that prepares for the weather and has the right hunting gear. Here, the hunter became cold and decided it was too much for him and he was going to go warm up in the truck. Well, you know what they say, you can't kill 'em from the couch, same goes from inside the pickup truck, unless you are like my good friend Matt who claims if he could design a bullet that had headlights all he would need to do is shoot it down the interstate and deer would jump out in front of it.

Hunting mistakes like this are completely avoidable. You will want to dress in layers and always prepare for the worse. If you have warm clothes, gloves, hats, boots and socks, wear them. Don't get caught trying to hunt this year and not able to because you were unprepared.

Mistakes happen and that's why we call it hunting and not killing. We are human and that is how things are going to go. No one is perfect. When you see people make mistakes, they probably are already down on themselves. As hunters, we need to be uplifting and help get that person's confidence back up. You will need that lift some day I am sure of it. When the time comes, hiding behind a keyboard and poking fun doesn't make you any better of a hunter.

Learn from your mistakes, learn from others, and never be afraid to share your stories. Hunting and fishing is home to some of the greatest group of people. Be sure to work together to overcome hunting mistakes. Lift each other up, you never know, you may be the next one with buck fever.

Like what you see here? You can read more articles by Dustin Prievo here. Follow him and his hunting team, Top Pin Outdoors, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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3 Deer Hunting Videos that Show Avoidable Mistakes