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3 to Choose From: Picking the Right Hunting Bag


Hunting bags are an essential piece of equipment that carries a large load of our gear into the woods.

When it comes to an optimal hunting bag, sportsmen have a few to choose from. Backpacks, shoulder bags and hip bags

Lets look at the pros and cons of the different styles available.

The backpack

The backpack is by far the king of hauling gear into the woods due to its cargo capacity and the double load bearing shoulder straps that distribute the load onto both shoulders. Some of the larger packs have internal pack boards to use for hauling out meat, trophy racks and any equipment that is large and oversized.

Their large size can be their downfall on smaller hunts. Extra space just adds to the bulk, and with little gear to fill them, they can be overkill. Also, in hot weather they will make your back and shoulders sweat, adding to fatigue.

Gander Mountain

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The shoulder bag 

The shoulder bag in my main mode of equipment transportation. It has ample space for the usual day long hunting equipment and work just as well at hauling out small game or other treasures found in the woods.

Be aware, if you overload a shoulder bag, all of the weight is on one shoulder, and this can cause back pain and uneven walking due to the unbalanced load.



The hip bag

Hip bags, or fanny packs, are extremely popular for lighter loads, and is the favorite pack for hot weather when hitting the trails in the summer months. With no shoulder straps or back covering fabric, they are extremely cool when it's sticky out and it is out of the way.

This pack has the least amount of cargo space of all the styles, so plan accordingly.


What ever your preference it pays to have a good hunting bag with you on your hunting adventure.

You will have the gear you need with you, when you need it, instead of back at the truck.

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3 to Choose From: Picking the Right Hunting Bag