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3 Big Kayak Buying Mistakes Everyone Makes At Least Once

Kayaking, both recreationally and for anglers, is growing by leaps and bounds but many people are making these three big kayak buying mistakes.

Don't fall into the same trap and take these mistakes to heart.

1. Buying on hype

Jackson Skipper Kayak Buying Mistakes
The Jackson Skipper is only rated to about a 200 pound weight capacity. Fat man in a little boat = ridiculous. Jackson Kayak

The power of the hype machine is alive and well in kayaking. Buying a kayak based on just a name can be a major mistake, especially when you have never paddled one. Kayaks are very specific in their uses and each person is going to fit one differently.

I would look ridiculous in Apple Bottom Jeans just like you would look ridiculous in a Jackson Skipper if you weigh 325 pounds. Just because someone says it's the coolest and you should get one, doesn't mean it's the right fit for you. Hype is one of the three big kayak buying mistakes.

2. Not trying it out

You're so excited that you found a kayak you want to buy, you have your money (or plastic) in hand and are ready to go get it. But wait! Have you even tried the kayak in the water? If not, you're committing another of the big kayak buying mistakes.

People test drive cars before they buy them. People try on clothes before they buy them. (OK, maybe not dudes because our sizes are pretty universal. I mean a 34 waist is a 34 waist, right?).

The point is, you may hate the kayak you are so excited about. And guess what? Once it leaves the store, it depreciates, which is a fancy way of saying you'll never get your money back.

One other thing, most big retail chains do not take returns on kayaks.

3. How are you going to haul it?

malone auto rack kayak buying mistakes
Another option for hauling kayaks from Malone Auto Racks

In all the excitement of buying a kayak, you made another mistake. You just bought a 13-foot long kayak and you drive a Honda Accord. Crap.

Before you go buy a kayak, you need to figure out all the options for hauling a kayak. Do you roof rack it or buy a trailer? Maybe you have a pickup and would like a rack or a bed extender?

The point is, plan on how you are going to move the kayak before you buy it.


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3 Big Kayak Buying Mistakes Everyone Makes At Least Once