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4 Best Hunting Ranches in Texas

top hunting ranches in texas

Here are our top four Texas hunting ranch recommendations.

Some hunters prefer to skip all the traveling and bring Africa to their neck of the woods. Whether you want to hunt exotic game or are just looking for that once in a lifetime trophy buck, a hunting ranch is definitely a fun place to be.

These are our recommendations for the top hunting ranches in Texas.

1. Greystone Castle Sporting Club

This hunting ranch is home to an enormous castle where guests can stay during their visit. The castle makes this hunting ranch unique and beautiful. The ranch is home to whitetail deer, a variety of birds, and exotics such as Axis deer, Fallow deer, Sika deer, Red deer, Aoudad Sheep, Impala and Blackbuck antelope.

The Greystone Castle Sporting Club offers hunting year round and all hunts are fully guided to ensure you have a successful hunt.

hunting ranch in texas
Image via Greystone Castle

2. King Ranch

King Ranch has over 800,000 acres of wildlife habitat. Did you catch all those zeros? Thats a lot of land! The King Ranch is home to whitetail deer, elusive Nilgai, wild turkey,  javelina and, wild hog. It is also the birthplace of Texas wild game conservation.

texas hunting ranch king ranch
Image via King Ranch

3. West Kerr Ranch

West Kerr Ranch has over 10,000 acres of pristine wildlife habitat. In addition to whitetail deer, their ranch is home to Axis, Fallow, Aoudad, Elk, Blackbuck Antelope, Sika, Aoudad and Mouflon rams. They've been recognized by the Parks & Wildlife Magazine for their efforts in preserving the habitat and environment their animals live on. They also provide onsite taxidermy.

texas hunting ranch king ranch1
Image via West Kerr Ranch

4. Ox Ranch

Known for its whitetail, turkey, and buffalo hunting, Ox Ranch in Uvalde boasts way more than just native game hunting. Stretch your imagination, and Ox Ranch will probably have hunts available to go after anything you can think of. Auodad, zebra, markhor, ostrich, gemsbok, and just about any other exotic game you can dream up (more than 60+ species total) roam the 18,000 acres of Texas Hill Country. Oh, and you can drive around in a Sherman Tank, shoot it at stuff, and drive over cars, too. Ox Ranch is like the ultimate sportsman's playground.

Ox Ranch

We hope you'll check out these four Texas hunting ranches next time you decide to go hunting. They offer a variety of wildlife and whitetail deer that is impossible to find at any other location in the world.


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4 Best Hunting Ranches in Texas