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The 3 Best Hunting Proposals

We’re all tired of seeing a sappy proposal on YouTube, making us feel even less creative over the simple way we asked our wives to marry us. However, these three sportsmens’ proposals make us feel great about the cleverness of our fellow hunters and shooters.

We’ll start with this self-described “Redneck Marriage Proposal,” where a woman is asked to take aim at a target, unknowingly triggering a surprise message from her boyfriend.

Number two comes from a man named Dan, who presented his girlfriend with a ring and a pheasant from the same hand. Well done, Dan, well done.

And finally, this full-length video takes the cake as the most elaborate hunting proposal we’ve seen to date.

Don’t forget to look at our 10 best hunting wedding cakes piece as well, with even more great ways to connect a loving marriage with the love of the outdoors.

How did you propose? Let us know in the comments if you did one better! 

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The 3 Best Hunting Proposals