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3 Best Eagle Attacks Ever Recorded [VIDEO]

The three best eagle attacks caught on camera are compiled in this intense video.

There's real debate over who rules the animal kingdom when it comes to hunting.

Does the lioness take the award? Would wolves top the list? What about a stealthy snake?

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In our opinion, the medal for the best hunter should probably go to the eagle. Don't agree? Watch this video before you make up your mind.

Too bad there's so little description available for this one, uploaded to YouTube by YourTopTenList. But, we do know, even if that wolf was old, injured, or somehow not at the top of his game, it got totally taken out by those well-trained eagles.

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Have you ever caught a glimpse of an eagle or hawk hunting its prey? Leave your memories in the comments and we'll see if they are truly the best hunters. 

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3 Best Eagle Attacks Ever Recorded [VIDEO]