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Here are 3 of the Best Choices for Night Fishing Bass Lures

night fishing

Here are three great baits to catch bass with at night.

Night fishing is a great way to either beat the heat or just change things up a little bit in your fishing routines. It can certainly make things more interesting if you've grown tired of catching fish during the day.

But what are some of the best lures to use for bass after the sun comes down? LakeForkGuy gives us three of his favorites in the video below.


I'm sure you see the theme here. Go for big noise and big vibration and also look for something that creates a silhouette. It may seem counter-effective to use black colors at night, but think of the scene from Jaws when the shark targets the girl on the beach. Her outline is actually perfectly silhouetted against the surface.

It's basically the same concept when it comes to night fishing. You want to create something fish can easily see and darker colors are going to stand out better than lighter ones.

Lake Fork Guy didn't have this on his list, but I'd like to add one of my own night fishing favorites; a black Jitterbug topwater lure. It creates a great amount of noise and splash. It also makes a tempting target when bass see it silhouetted against the sky. It's a real thrill when a big bass smacks it in the dark of night!

Give some of these lures and night fishing a try, you may soon have a new favorite time to go after bass!

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Here are 3 of the Best Choices for Night Fishing Bass Lures