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3 Bass on One Cast? Jimmy Houston Can Do It! [VIDEO]

Have you ever heard of anyone catching three bass on one cast?

Be honest, most fishermen have had the thought at least once: ‘How can I catch more fish per cast?’

For most of us, we just count ourselves lucky for any fish we do manage to catch.

For others, like professional bass fisherman Jimmy Houston, catching three bass on one cast is something that is not only feasible, but something that has been captured on camera.


Now that the days of having video cameras with us everywhere we go are upon us, we are finally able to have proof of these amazing outdoor stories.

But on the flip side, the size of the fish, with video proof, does have to stay consistent. It can’t continue to grow over the years, like the tales of fishermen in the past.

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3 Bass on One Cast? Jimmy Houston Can Do It! [VIDEO]