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3 Arctic Wolves Deliver Mournful Howls and Displays of Dominance

All the world is entranced when wolves howl. These three arctic wolves make an argument for the ‘wolf howl’ as the greatest sound in all of nature.

Three arctic wolves take up a chorus of howls as they interact with one another. They also give us a glimpse of some rare exhibitions of dominance between the trio, as there is a bit of growling and rather aggressive behavior between two in particular.

These wolves inhabit Wolfspark Werner Freund, a spacious wolf sanctuary in western Germany that is home to six separate packs of different wolf species from around the world.

Here’s a link to another spectacular and unplanned wolf howl: Wolf Howling on Trail Cam will Haunt Your Cold Winter Nights. This time a wolf is caught completely unexpectedly on a trail cam, which somehow makes its mournful howl all the more haunting.

Finally, here is a video of an arctic wolf coaxed into sharing his vocal gifts by an appreciative audience of wolf lovers: Audience Coaxes Stunning White Arctic Wolf to Howl.

There’s little wonder why videos of wolves howling are so popular. It is one of the most iconic and magical sounds in nature.

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3 Arctic Wolves Deliver Mournful Howls and Displays of Dominance