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Over 250 Black Bears Harvested on Opening Weekend in Florida [VIDEO]


Florida hunters come out in full force for the state's first black bear season in 21 years.

Florida hunters had the opportunity to hunt bears in a limited wildlife management season.

The state of Florida allowed the population to harvest 300 black bears that were over the weight of 100 pounds under the guideline that the kill had to be reported within 12 hours.

The bear population is one of Florida's greatest conservation achievements. The state is using this short limited season as a wildlife management project. They are keeping strict tabs on the harvested bears.

It's amazing at how well this conservation season was received, though environmentalist groups have definitely had a field day with the idea of an organized hunt.

When Florida opened the season with a 300 bear quota, nobody would have guessed that the season would be over in just one short weekend in two separate regions. I'm sure that if Florida's bear population is healthy enough to have another season next year, then more people will be interested in black bear.

Several people were cited during the season and given warnings. One man was cited for killing a cub that weighed 42 pounds. Another man was issued a warning after shooting an 88 pound bear. Several citations were issued for baiting as well.

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Over 250 Black Bears Harvested on Opening Weekend in Florida [VIDEO]