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25 Venison Cooking Tips That Will Make You a Kitchen Master

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If you’re looking for a few venison cooking tips, you’ve come to the right place. 

It seems that there are two types of prepared venison: good and bad. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Depending on who cooked the meal, it could be down right awful just as easily as it could be incredible. With that in mind, through years of practice, learning, and cooking, the following list of 25 venison cooking tips have been compiled.

Coming across these venison cooking tips were no easy task. To be honest, most of it was trial and error at my family’s expense.

Scroll through the below and see what you think. More importantly, what did I miss?

1. Peel the silver skin off of steaks and roasts the best you can. This is a big factor in gamey-tasting meat.

2. Fresh parsley is one of the best spices to add to venison. The earthy taste can make a memorable meal.

3. The skillet has to be hot, and I mean hot, when venison steaks hit the plan. It’s what creates the sear. Don’t place the meat in the skillet and then turn on the heat. You ruin steaks that way.IMG_5879-1024x682

4. To thaw a one pound package of ground venison in the microwave, nuke it for one minute and thirty seconds, then flip and repeat.

5. Coarse salt is always better than ground salt when coating venison steaks.

6. Red wine is a great base to create a pan sauce for venison. Dont’scrimp, use a wine you would drink. Cheap wine makes a meal taste cheap.Duck3

7. Buy a braising pot. When used according to the directions, this will simply change the way you eat venison.

8. Stop using cream of mushroom, cream of chicken, or cream of anything. Make the sauces yourself – your taste buds will thank you.

9. Dark beer or bourbon is a great liquid to add to a braise. It’s also great to drink what’s left over.

10. If you have to choose between vegetable oil or olive oil, always go with olive oil. Vegetable oil makes things greasy.

11. When making venison burgers, sear them on a pan, then finish cooking them in the oven with a 300 degree residual heat. They will be incredibly juicy.IMG_1126

12. If you are eating any venison well done, it is ruined.

13. Minced garlic is a great accompaniment as a spice to any venison meal. I’m talking fresh minced garlic not from a bottle or package.

14. Before a steak or tenderloin touches the pan, it must be as dry to the touch as you can. Any moisture left on the meat steams and cooks the meat too fast and can make it tougher than it should be.

15. To help diminish the gamey taste of an older deer, marinate the cuts in milk for a few hours before cooking.

16. Blueberries and raspberries are a great accompaniment to boil down in a pan sauce.

17. When making soups and stews, cube venison steaks and sear them. Add them to the dish after they have been cooked to medium rare. Don’t just use ground venison.

18. When grilling venison burgers, adding finely diced mushrooms and a few tablespoons of butter inside the burger patties will help keep them moist.

19. When making a plate of steaks, as they finish, layer them on a plate and keep covered in aluminum foil. Once all steaks are done, pour all the drippings on the plate back in the skillet for an amazing base to a pan sauce.

20. Whenever you place a roast in a crock pot, cook an entire diced onion with it. Even if you don’t plan to eat the onion, it will remove a lot of the gamey taste.IMG_2600

21. Cook a venison roast in a braising pot or crock pot with cumin and a whole squeezed orange for a Mexican flare.

22. Bacon doesn’t go with everything.

23. Bringing your venison to room temperature before cooking helps with the sear and overall flavor.

24. After cooking, allow the meat to settle for a few minutes once off the heat. The meat will actually absorb some of the juices back in the fibers and not just flow out on the plate.

25. If you are going to bake a roast, layer a row of sliced white onions beneath it on the pan. This will keep it off direct heat and allow for more even cooking.

By no means is this the end of the list, but rather maybe just the start. A lot of these venison cooking tips might already be in your set of kitchen mastery skills, but a few might be new.

I hope a few of these tips might make your next meal even that much better.

Images by Brad Smith


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25 Venison Cooking Tips That Will Make You a Kitchen Master