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25 Things I’d Do If I Had My Own Hunting Show

Given the opportunity to host my own hunting show, here is a list of 25 things that I would shoot for.

What if you were given your own hunting show? What kind of hunts would you go on, and how would you use the show to highlight what you love most about hunting and the outdoors? Presented with that very question, here is what I came up with.

1. Alaskan wilderness moose hunt on horseback

Lazy J Bar O Outfitters

How epic would that be? Also, I can’t hack carrying moose antlers for 10 miles, so by horseback it is.

2. Get a bunch of sponsors.

Because who doesn’t like free gear, right First Lite and Mathews? Hint, hint.

3. Take a veteran on their dream hunt.

Dan Born
Dan Born

They’ve guys have earned some serious R&R.

4. Take a kid on their first hunt.

Minnesota DNR.
Minnesota DNR.

The youth experiences hunting for the first time, and I get to relive the memory of my own first hunt through the eyes of another. Everyone’s a winner.

5. Spear a wild boar.

I can’t think of a hunt more visceral than that.

6. Use the show as a platform to advocate for public land.

Because there is no greater threat facing sportsman today than loss of access.

7.  Have my own custom rifle built.

Carolina Custom Rifles
Carolina Custom Rifles

Let’s call it the “Born to Hunt Special”. Available in a wildcat 25-06, classic 30-06 and the more modern .300 Winchester Magnum to suite whatever prey I’m after and mood I’m in.

8. Take an anti-hunter fishing.

Few things can’t be hashed out with a cold drink in your hand, and a bobber in the water. Let’s open some dialogue.

9. Spot-and-stalk free range buffalo in Mexico.

The idea of hunting bison in old Mexico is a romantic notion, but one entirely in the realm of possibility as numerous free range herds roam private ranches in the Sonora area.

10. Hunt the buffalo with a 1874 Sharps Quigley rifle.

Film Monthly
Film Monthly

Epic mustache optional.

11. Fish and hike my way through the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness in Idaho.

100 miles of hiking and fly fishing down the middle fork of the Salmon River. This would be a multiple episode arch and would likely end with me going on a Quixotic quest for a fish I’d never land.

12. Arctic circle caribou.

Alaska Outdoors
Alaska Outdoors

My dream hunt.

13. Have a custom hunting rig built.

This would work nicely for a trip to the arctic circle for caribou, to Mexico for bison and for everywhere in-between.

14. Knock out the turkey hunting Royal Slam in one season.

All four U.S. Subspecies of turkey (Eastern, Osceola, Rio Grande and Merriam’s), the Gould’s turkey that is only found in Mexico, and a few regions of the Southwest United States.

15. Hunt elk with my dad.

Evolved Hunter
Evolved Hunter

You only get so many chances to return the favor to the man who took you on your first hunt.

16. Experience other cultures.

Channel my inner Jim Shockey and chase muskox in Greenland or hunt some obscure species of sheep in Pakistan using local guides and immersing myself in local customs and culture.

17. Partner up with a hunting dog.

Gun Dog Magazine
Gun Dog Magazine

For any game and anywhere possible.

18. Highlight a habitat improvement project.

Because we all should find time to give back to a way of life  that gives us so much.

19. Finally get my wife out hunting.

Who am I kidding. Not going to happen. Ever.

20. Take a cooking class from Hank Shaw.

Time to put all that wild game meat to good use.

21. Design my own line of camo hunt gear.

Something old school, like Fred Bear might wear.

22. Finally pay off all those hunting store credit cards.

Here’s looking at you Cabela’s and Bass Pro. I get free gear now.

23. Have some of my heroes on as guest hunters.

Tim Burnett from Solo Hunter, Steven Rinella from MeatEater, Remi Warren from Apex Predator. These guys are masters of their craft, and I have so much to learn.

24. Jump shoot ducks from a canoe.

Howard Meyerson for Michigan Live
Howard Meyerson for Michigan Live

I can’t think of a more enjoyable day on the water, can you?

25. Turn the cameras off.

Just sit up in a stand with a bow, on a farm, waiting for a whitetail.

So those are my 25 things I would do if I had my own hunt show on television. Some, like growing a mustache worthy of Tom Selleck are little more than fantasy, but most are entirely possible with or without a hunting show of my own. Time to start living.



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25 Things I’d Do If I Had My Own Hunting Show