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24 Reasons Hunters Are Lucky

Here are 24 reasons hunters are lucky.

Us hunters should count our blessings. We get to do and experience some of the best things this wide world of ours has to offer.

Check out this list of reasons that explain the luckiness of hunters and sportsmen, and add any more you can come up with in the comments below.US-HUNTING-TEAM-mrec

24. We notice small changes or differences in our surroundings.

We have trained ourselves to look for such differences, as they may be game animals.

23. We stay in shape.

When we hit the woods and fields in search for our elusive game, we do the most high impact exercises that can be had. They are way better than any gym, cheaper, and in our minds a whole lot more enjoyable too!

22. We do not bore as easily.

Waiting out in the great blue yonder for our targeted species, we may wait there for hours, days and weeks. I get boredeasily shopping with the wife though at the mall but not in the field!

21. We know how to take care of ourselves.

Miles back in the woods it is all on you if you make a bad decision that gets you injured.

20. A country boy can survive!

As Hank Williams Jr.’s ballad states, “our survival skills trump that of the city man.” A true hunter is at home in the wilderness.

Cabin in the woods - sunset in the forest

 19. We get to be in touch with our ancestors.

Walking through the woods, it is easy to remember that long lost relative or friend that taught you the ways of the wilderness. They live through our memories as we walk the trails.

18. Our sport is only as expensive as we make it.

This is especially true with hunting. We can have the newest and very best, or we can enjoy what we have and be frugal with our funding. It is our choice.

17. Minimal injuries.

As opposed to other sports, such as football, no one is knocking us down and taking our ball. Hunting injuries usually only result in an occasion thorn in the leg.

16. Best organic meat ever!

What is more organic than a free range wild animal eating wild plants? No meat processing plant or farm can approach that. It is the true organic meat.

15. We have a chance to hide in the woods.

We all loved to do this as kids, and it never really gets old.

14. Peace and tranquility.

Turn that cell phone off and stay a spell.

13. Family time.

Many families hunt together, whether on a deer drive or in a duck blind. This is a sport we can share. My wife is my hunting buddy and it is a great relationship builder.

family hunting1
Image via Kalkomey

12. Best sleep you will ever get.

Hunt heavy all day and come home. You will be out in a flash!

11. Hunters get to try out cool new gear for the wild.

The innovations in other sports simply don’t compare. Technology and modern advancements have put hunters in a great era.

10. Better equipped for emergencies.

Power goes out? I am sure we have about two dozen flashlights here and there, water purifiers, camping food and plenty of wool clothes.

Survival kit on a wooden table

9. Sporting goods stores.

Great reason to “have” to go shopping at the local sporting goods store.

8. We look fashionable in wool and flannels.

And they’re functional, too!

7. We have a winter sport.

Lots of outdoor activities halt come November. Hunters rarely have boredom in winter!

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6. Our guests dine on exotic game, or squirrel.

No matter how you look at it, the food that a hunter eats is always going to be a little more exciting than your average dinner.

5. Beautiful hunting season locales.

While friends are heading to warmer climates in winter, we are headed north to the big woods.

4. No winter weight gain.

When friends gain weight in the winter, we gain muscle.

3. Camaraderie.


Hunters have a brotherhood and sisterhood that is hard to beat.

2. No waiting for sunshine.

We look forward to rougher weather to weed out the couch potatoes.

1. We get it.

We feel that primal energy that our forefathers had that flows through us in the great outdoors.

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24 Reasons Hunters Are Lucky