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25 Reasons Anglers Are Lucky

Here are 25 reasons we feel that we are lucky being fishing anglers.

If you're an angler, you can definitely relate to these advantageous reasons connected to your lifestyle. Without fishing, we may not be as fortunate as we are.

These 25 entries each point out a significant part of our hobby that makes us lucky. Add more in the comments if you can think of them.

#25. We are hardcore.

Who else would break a hole in a frozen lake and sit on the ice for hours?

Ice Fishing

#24. We are popular.

We are quite popular with fellow anglers when we catch a lot of fish. We become the alpha fisherman or fisherwoman of that waterway.

#23. We have a cheap sport!

Our sport is easy on the wallet, unless we make it otherwise. Our choice.

#22. We get new toys!

There is always a new fishing lure to try.

#21. We are marine biologists!

Angling turns the ordinary person into a self-taught marine biologist of the area. What fish are migrating? What food source is hatching? We learn a lot through observation.

#20. We are quick.

Fish migration runs get us moving fast!

#19. We are tough.

We have the amazing ability to wade in freezing cold waters and usually remain on our feet.

#18. We are multi-taskers.

Multi-tasking at its finest in the middle of a river while not dropping our gear. We could still use more hands though.

#17. We are shoppers!

Time to go to Gander Mountain, or online at Cabela's...

#16. We have sweet toys.

He who has the best boat wins.

#15. We know what an Ugly Stik is.

...and we measure fish in hand lengths, not inches.

#14. Our whole family fishes.

Fishing means quality family time.

A father and daughter go fishing

#13. We get to eat fresh fish!

The true organic, wild caught fish. No grocery store frozen fish here.

#12. We fish with our mates.

Take your date out fishing, you will learn a lot and have plenty of time to talk too.

Team Fishing

#11. We go back to the basics.

Feeling the connection to the great outdoors.

#10. We aren't connected to our devices.

No cell phone reception. Turn them off, and defragment your mind.

#9. We can nap.

Shoreline fishing is a great place to take a nap. Put a bell on the end of your fishing pole so if you get a bite, you get a wake-up call.

#8. We have easy access.

Wherever you live, chances are there is a fishable waterway nearby, possibly within walking distance.

#7. We fish on lunch breaks.

If you work near a waterway, take your lunch and fishing pole to it.

#6. We are nostalgic.

Angling brings back memories of who taught us how to fish. It is our connection to them long after they have passed on.

#5. We like new gear.

Tackle shops and Bass Pro Shop catalogs attract us like moths to wool.

#4. We don't cringe easily.

Anglers are far less squeamish than the average person. Try live bait fishing with minnows, worms and leeches. Squeamish people like that so bring them along too.

Earthworms in the ground

#3. We are marksmen.

Anglers become marksmen and markswomen with a fishing rod. We can drop that lure in the same spot every time after practice.

#2. We find free stuff.

We get free fishing lures and bobbers in the trees from the far less accurate anglers. Who doesn't like free fishing gear?

#1. We are stress-free.

Angling is the ultimate in stress relief.

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Why are you lucky as an angler? Post your comment below.

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25 Reasons Anglers Are Lucky