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25 Excuses to Tell Your Boss When You Go Hunting or Fishing

Bernerhof Inn

Hunting and fishing are always better than work but what do you tell the boss?

Here are 25 excuses to tell your boss when you take the day off to get on the water or out in the woods.

25. My kid is sick.

Only works if you have one, so check first!

24. Have to take my dog to the vet.

The boss could call the vet office, pay them off with venison.

23. The car won’t start.

Just make sure your hunting area or boat launch is not on the boss’s way to work, or camouflage it well.

camo car
Nelson Paint


22. I am sick.

Sick of work! See you after my hunting or fishing trip!

21. My horse got loose.

Make sure you have one, see #25.

20. I hit a deer with my car.

Okay, with my bow…



19. “The mountains are calling, and I must go.”

Use this classic John Muir quote to your advantage.

Bernerhof Inn


18. I will be viewing my deceased rich uncle’s estate will today. 

17. I need to repaint my treestand.

16. There is a special A-Team rerun on today. 

15. I am celebrating Chuck Norris’s birthday today.  



14. My Dillon reloading press needs an adult’s signature.

See you tomorrow.

13. The squirrel chews on the bird feeder at 1 p.m. every day, my game camera told me. I will address that situation today. 

12. The governor is touring on my boat today. 

Lehigh Valley Live

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11. There is a sale at Cabela’s today.

10. Deer season opens, or duck season, or crow season…

Geo Caching


9. I am taking out my old dog for one last hunt, it is the least I can do for him (insert awww)

8. Grandma is out back shooting at the squirrels in her bird feeder again. Guess I have to go get her inside. 



7. There is a flood in the basement from broken pipes.

Actually, the fishing lake is flooded but…

6. I have a emergency dentist appointment, probably from that steel shot duck I ate last night…

5. The wife told me no work today.

We all know she’s the boss so there will be no questions!

Jay Rusovich Live


4. Wild game needs thinning at the lease.

Enough said.

3. Biologists need me to catch big fish today for state research programs.

It’s official…

E Who Know


2. My new boots told me to take the day off.

They indeed did…

1. I need a new winter hat and a Danielle Boone raccoon hat won’t harvest itself! 

Mystery File

There is no guarantee that these excuses will let you off the hook for missing work but they are worth a shot!




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25 Excuses to Tell Your Boss When You Go Hunting or Fishing