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25 of the Creepiest Animals Around

Here are 25 of the creepiest animals that will make you less brave the next time you go hunting. 


Most of us generally feel pretty brave as we walk through the woods to our hunting stands or as we wade into the river to fish but some of these animals might make you think twice next time you are out in nature.

Click through the slideshow to see 25 of the creepiest animals in nature.

1. The Coconut Crab Drew: Max Planck Institute

The coconut crab is a giant species of hermit crab. They are found mostly on islands in the Indian and Pacific ocean and while they appear large and threatening, they aren't usually dangerous to humans.

2. The Gerenuk

My Modern Met

The gerenuk looks like a mix of a deer and a giraffe. It is technically a member of the antelope family and is found in eastern Africa. We have not yet determined if there is a hunting season for gerenuk.

3. The Aye-Aye

The aye-aye is an endangered type of lemur that is native to Madagascar. It has sharp teeth like a rodent and long skinny fingers that it uses to dig grub out of trees.

4. The Barreleye Fish


The barreleye fish, also known as the spook fish, are deep sea fish. They are named for their large, telescoping eyes but I'm not sure how they looked past the transparent head to get that name.

5. The Saki Monkey

Flickr/Sir. Jensen

Native to South America, saki monkeys are very athletic and move about well in the trees. They rarely venture down to land, are shy, and tend to run from humans.

6. The Japanese Giant Salamander

The Japanese Giant Salamander is one of the largest in the world. They can grow to be over 5' in length and live for over 80 years.

7. The Pignose Frog

The pignose frog, also known as the purple frog, is found in India and lives most of its life underground. The pignose frog only comes above ground for about two weeks each year in the pre-monsoon rain to mate.

8. The Viper Fish

Flickr/Kenny Hassan Irwin

The viper fish is a deep sea dweller. It uses a light on its dorsal fin to attract prey and then uses its quick speed and razor sharp fang-like teeth to catch them.

9. The Snakehead Fish


The snakehead fish is an invasive species that can creepily take over almost any space. It can eat almost anything, including other fish, crustaceans, and even small mammals. Perhaps the most incredible thing about this fish is its ability to maneuver on land. The snakehead fish can live for up to four days outside of water, breathing air, and traveling up to a quarter mile, as long as it stays moist.

10. Bristle Worms


Bristle worms, known scientifically as polychaetes, are a very small species of worm that most of us will never come in contact with, thank goodness. These worms live near hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor and only grow to be one inch long. The picture taken above is through a microscope but the teeth on these things make them look creepy.

11. The Sheepshead Fish


This is one spooky animal on this list that you are actually likely to come in contact with. The sheephead fish has short, stubby teeth that look like no other fish. They are common in the Atlantic ocean and are often caught by fishermen.

12. The Helmeted Hornbill

Johnny Smartblog

The Helmeted Hornbill is common in southeast Asia and can grow to be quite large. While it is a creepy looking bird, its laugh makes it even creepier. It sounds like a hoot followed by someone laughing hysterically.

13. The Anglerfish

Flickr/Jared Benny

The anglerfish is a deep sea fish that is possibly the most common creepy animal on this list. The anglerfish has large fang teeth that it uses to capture prey after attracting them with a light that dangles in front of its face.

14. The Frilled Shark


The frilled shark is a deep sea creature that has little interaction with humans. While almost never seen alive, this species is believed to be the cause of many sea serpent myths.

15. The Lamprey

Aquatic Community

The lamprey is another creepy animal that you may come in contact with. There are many types of lamprey but they are most famous for having small sharp teeth on their tubular sucking mouth. They use these teeth to latch on to their prey and suck its blood. While attacks on humans are rare, they do happen. What is more common is humans using lamprey as a food source. Queen Elizabeth II was served lamprey in her coronation pie.

16. The Goblin Shark


The goblin shark is a deep sea fish that appears to be directly linked to pre-historic times. Its body shape and sharp jutting teeth are just like those of most modern sharks ancestors. This, along with its pink color when out of water make it one creepy animal.

17. The Spectacled Bear


While the spectacled bear normally would not appear as a creepy animal, this one does make the list. This female bear, who lives in a zoo, has developed a disorder that caused her to lose all her hair without any other apparent symptoms. While I feel bad for her, it does make her look very creepy.

18. The Flying Fox or Fruit Bat

The Chive

While most fruit bats are a "normal" bat size, some speices of flying fox bats can grow to have a wingspan of almost 5'. It would be very creepy to have one of these fly out of a cave or tree towards you at night.

19. The Lancetfish

Facebook/Jennette's Pier

The lancetfish is one that is commonly found in the Atlantic Ocean. What makes this fish creepy is the combination of its large dorsal fin, and its large fang-like teeth.

20. The Tounge Eating Louse


The toungue eating louse is one of the creepiest animals I have ever seen. It is a parasite that enters a fish through the gills and attaches itself to the fishes tongue. Eventually the tongue falls off and the louse stays in the fish's mouth living on the blood and taking the place of the fish's original tongue. I would be completely creeped out if I caught a fish with one of these in its mouth.

21. The Sarcastic Fringehead


The sarcastic fringehead, found off the California coast, is a small and aggressive fish. It has a large, colorful, expanding mouth which it uses to intimidate and fight other fish to gain and keep territory.

22. The Atlas Moth


The atlas moth is the largest moth in the world. What makes it creepy are its wings. On the tips of each wing are what looks like a cobra head. This serves to protect the, otherwise harmless, moth.

23. The Fangtooth Moray Eel Jorge Sorial

The fangtooth moray eel is one of the scariest looking eels around. They usually have bright yellow coloring and their sharp fang-like teeth look like they are made of crystal or glass. As creepy as they look, they are generally harmless and will not attack unless provoked.

24. The Blobfish


The blobfish appears to be one of the strangest and creepiest animals in the ocean. When actually in the ocean, however, the blobfish looks like a normal fish. The blobfish is made of a gelatinous mass that loses its shape when the pressure decreases. This makes it look like a blob on the surface but normal deep down in the ocean.

25. The Sphynx Hairless Cat


The sphynx hairless cat is nothing but a regular cat that has been genetically bred to be without fur. The sphynx cat comes in many different breeds and you can still see the markings of different colors of fur that they would have. While these are normal, playful, loving animals, the fact that you can see their bare skin makes them look creepy to me.

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25 of the Creepiest Animals Around