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25 Camping Hacks to Teach Your Kids

Teach your kids how to camp smarter with these 25 camping hacks.

Taking your kids into the woods is one of the greatest, life-long gifts you can give them. Teach them these little tricks to help them maximize their time in nature.

1. Cook bacon and eggs in a paper bag over a campfire.

Follow these instructions to get the best results.

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2. Use a coffee can to hold toilet paper rolls.

Attach a wire or string to the can to hang it from a branch.

coffee can
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3. Make a coffee can camping stove.

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4. Teach them the bowline, a.k.a the "The King of Knots."

It's very useful for hanging things like tarps and game animals. Click here to learn more.

bowline5. Fill a cardboard egg carton with charcoal for an easy firestarter.

Close the lid, place it in the pit, light it up, and boom, you're ready to cook.


6. Make tiny oil lamps out of travel-size shampoo bottles.

Follow these instructions.


7. Unsea, also known as Old Man's Beard, is a tree-hanging lichen that has potent antibacterial properties.

Use it to disinfect wounds. It's common in most U.S. forests. Read more about it here.

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8. You can use sunlight to purify your water.

Sunlight can kill several types of bacteria and viruses, but there are some caveats. Read this before you try it.

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9. Burn sage in your fire to fend off mosquitoes.

Rosemary, basil and other household herbs work well, too.

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10. Pack your backpack like a pro.

Use this chart to pack for maximum efficiency.


11. Make a "Hillbilly Washing Machine" using a bucket and a plunger.

Click here to learn how to make one.


12. Attach a headlamp to a water jug, turn it on, and voila!You have an iridescent light source. Your phone will work too.


13. If you lose your compass, you can rub a needle against your clothing several times and float it on a leaf in water.

The eye of the needle will point you north. Learn the hack here.

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14. Believe it or not, Doritos work well as kindling.


15. You can use Tick-Tac boxes to store spices and tackle.


16. Premake your pancake batter in plastic bags.

You can use the batter bags as ice packs until you're ready to cook your flapjacks.


17. Cook all your hot dogs at once using a rake.


18. Use an acorn cap to whistle loudly for help if you get lost.

Learn more here.


19. Estimate remaining daylight using your hand.


20. Tie your boots with paracord.

It's a strong material that can be used as fishing line, rope for shelter, and so much more.


21. Use Oreos to make s'mores.


22. Make bread in a tin can.

Learn the recipe.

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23. Wrap duct tape around your water bottle to keep it handy at any moment.

Duct tape can fix just about anything.

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24. Soak cottton pads in wax for reliable firestarters.


25. Use a belt and hook to hang pots and pans around a tree.

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25 Camping Hacks to Teach Your Kids