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25 Nebraskan Antelope Poached: Suspects in Custody

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

Two suspects are in custody and officials found 25 antelope poached.

Between November 7th and 8th, 2015, 25 antelope were gunned down in a winter wheat field near the tiny town of Broadwater, Nebraska located in the Nebraska panhandle. Several days later local residents reported the crime to conservation officers who investigated the scene. After their search was complete officers reported 25 adult and fawn antelope were found dead in or around the field.

Within the matter of a few days after the shooting officers received an anonymous tip identifying two men believed to have committed the crime. On November 18, officers questioned two men, 24-year-old Taylor Mueller, and 21-year-old Brent Hoerler, both locals, about their involvement in the case. Shortly after questioning began, both men confessed to killing the antelope during the night.

No motive at this time has been reported. Both men face a string of charges including hunting out of season, spotlighting, and wanton waste. Charges apply to individual animals, so the men face 25 counts of each crime.

Penalties for the crime could include fines up to $5,000 per carcass, loss of hunting privileges, as well as possible jail time.

Court date for Mueller has been set for December 16, while the court date for Hoerler remains unclear.

This crime is one of a series of poaching crimes committed around the nation this fall.


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25 Nebraskan Antelope Poached: Suspects in Custody