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The 25-45 AR15 Smacks Hogs Dead with Single Shot

The 25-45 is not your average AR15 cartridge. Like with other calibers, each cartridge delivers a happy medium for the intended target.

Eric, is the patriarch of the IV8888 channel, and he films his first hog hunting video for the channel. The weapon of choice is the AR15, and the catridge for delivery is the 25-45.

The cartridge can deliver up to 1800 foot pounds of energy which is absolutely critical in the hog hunting arena. Hogs have very thick hides and even thicker skulls so if you are going to shoot a big heavy hog your going to want to pack as much energy as possible.

There are many great calibers to choose from. The 458 Socom is another great round to choose from. Lets be clear and state that there is no one single unicorn cartridge to rule them all. Sometimes a 9mm is appropriate for your target. Others will require a .50Beowulf. Make no mistake that the 25-45 is a viable option for hogs, but likely would not be your go to round for home defense.

Prior to this video I had never heard of the 25-45 being used in an AR15 which definitely shows you how many options the AR15 can offer to different shooters requiring more specific purposed rifles. Stay safe and keep training.


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The 25-45 AR15 Smacks Hogs Dead with Single Shot