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The 24-Hour Bait ‘N’ Go Vending Machine is Every Fisherman’s Dream [PICS]

Facebook/Bait 'N' Go

You know those inventions that are so genius, you could kick yourself for not thinking of it first? This one is a fishing game-changer.

The Australian-based company, Bait ‘N’ Go just introduced the country’s only live and frozen bait and tackle 24-hour vending machine.

Founder and seasoned fisherman, Sam Mouhajar, said the Bait ‘N’ Go Dual Zone Live Bait Vending Machine will change the way people fish.

“Fishing is one of the best recreational activities that people can participate in, and represents the largest recreational sporting activity in Australia,” he said.

Sunshine Coast Daily
Sunshine Coast Daily

First introduced in London in 1880, vending machines have been largely used by the food and beverage industry. Now, the machines are being used in an entirely different application.

“Fisherman often struggle to find accessible live bait outside normal retail trading hours,” said Mouhajar.

After years of studying the way people fish, he developed a wide product range that includes both live and frozen bait and tackle.

All of the bait available in the vending machines are sourced and harvested in Australia. Since most fisherman are conservationists by nature, everything is packaged in 100% recyclable and reusable packaging.

Facebook/Bait ‘N’ Go

The first machines are located in Noosaville along the river. A percentage of the profits from these machines will benefit the Noose Coastguard.

While similar bait & tackle vending machines do exist in the U.S., they aren’t widespread just yet. Knowing the fishing community, however, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

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The 24-Hour Bait ‘N’ Go Vending Machine is Every Fisherman’s Dream [PICS]