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230-Inch Virginia Buck is Largest Taken in State So Far

Who knew a Virginia buck could get this big? 

I don’t want to take words away from Joe Dirt, but…dang.

A deer recently shot by Gary Gilbert in Henry County, stands a very good chance to be named the largest Virginia buck taken during the 2015 deer season. Just one look at the picture and you can understand why.

Caution! The following picture may make you want to move to Virginia. Or, at the very least, maybe look into a lease for next year.

Image via Darrell Jackson

Not only will this buck probably be the biggest for the state this year, but it very well may go down as one of the biggest in state history. According to this report, the Gilbert buck might possibly even go down somewhere in the top 20.

So what did this buck score? Coming in at 230 9/16-inch, under Virginia’s scoring system, it leaves little doubt that this buck is a legit monster. It also makes just about every other hunter in the United States extremely jealous.

However, even though the Gilbert buck is big, there is still time left for others in the state to take down one bigger.


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230-Inch Virginia Buck is Largest Taken in State So Far