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23 Things That Suck About Fishing, but Nobody Bothers to Tell You

Sure fishing is awesome, but these 23 things can get the better of you.

We love to fish, but this list is for all of us to vent on the annoying things we all find when we wet a line.

Add to it in the comments if we left anything out.

23. The annoying mosquito

They seem to show up and become a plague to bank anglers. They leave us wishing for a light breeze and our forgotten bug spray.

22. The horrible little tick

These buggers creep me out and have become quite a problem for even the Great Lakes region.

21. Litter

I hate litter and cannot seem to avoid finding it anywhere I go.


20. High speed boaters

Really guys, you need to stay away from other boats and stop showing off. You might save a life, too.

19. Drunks

We have all had the run ins with drunk boaters or well lit shore fisherman that have a problem with everything.

18. Over the line casters

There is often a whole stretch of water, but some people want our spot, while we are in it. I have had some close calls, nearly getting hit by another angler’s hooks. In some locations they call this combat fishing, as you are fighting for a spot.


17. Extremely hot summer days

Nothing like turning into beef jerky while on the water.

16. Freak storms

Fishing is great before them, then it gets scary quick.

15. Losing bait

Curse those little fish that like to remove my bait from the hooks. I sense a fish conspiracy brewing…

14. The free gear tease

You know, the snagged lure stuck just above my reach from a misdirected cast. It’s just swinging there, out of reach, mocking me…

13. Rotten fish smell

Not to be confused with fresh fish smell, the rotten fish stench that stings the nostrils can just go away.


12. Self-called experts

Sometimes it seems like everyone has an opinion on how you should fish and what you are doing wrong. I will take on the mosquitoes instead thank you.

11. Forgetting to hydrate

So much water, still so thirsty…

10. Outhouses

Enough said on that one.

9. Leaky waders

This usually happens in the fastest flows and the coldest temperatures, naturally…

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8. Rudeness from people other than fisherman

They sure love to come over and see what you are doing, and then tell you about their cats…

7. Forgotten gear

It’s hard to fish when you forget to bring your pole.

6. Ice fishing

Great sport, rough conditions. Not for everybody, especially if you aren’t fond of thin ice.


5. Broken fishing line

This usually happens when the fish is almost within reach…

4. Lightly frozen water

Can’t open water fish and can’t ice fish… what are we to do?

3. Not enough time

Life always cuts in when you want to fish.

2. Getting outdone by newbies

There’s nothing like watching your amateur friend catch more fish than you… It happens to all of us.


1. Complaining about a bad day fishing

There is no such thing. Angler code.

What are your complaints about fishing? Post them below.

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23 Things That Suck About Fishing, but Nobody Bothers to Tell You