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22Plinkster Channels Annie Oakley in This Crazy Trick Shot [VIDEO]

Trick shot marksman 22Plinkster is at it again, with another incredible Annie Oakley-like shot.

Leave it to 22Plinkster to come up with another challenging – you might say “impossible” – and entertaining trick shot.

This time he’s channeling Annie Oakley. 22Plinkster tries a shot that’s impressive enough that it could be included in his “best of” videos if he makes it.

Here’s the set-up: A balloon is stuck to a tree 60 yards away on the far side of a pond. 22Plinkster is standing on our side of the pond, with his back to the balloon. He’s got his rifle backwards over his left shoulder, is holding a mirror in his left hand to sight the rifle, and is pulling the trigger with his right hand.

But wait, there’s more! He’s not going to just shoot the balloon backwards using a mirror. He’s going to try to skip the bullet off the surface of the pond and pop the balloon from the ricochet!

He missed! That first miss makes this video even better, in my opinion. It shows what a wickedly tough shot this is.

But he figures out where his angle was a bit off and nails that balloon with the next shot. Amazing!

As a matter of fact, this shot did make his “best of” trick shots video.

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22Plinkster Channels Annie Oakley in This Crazy Trick Shot [VIDEO]