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.22 Long Rifle Cartridge vs. Charged Fire Extinguisher [VIDEO]

Will a .22 long rifle CCI Stinger go through a fully charged fire extinguisher? 

This interesting video was made to test if a .22 rifle loaded with CCI Stinger ammunition would fully penetrate a fully charged fire extinguisher.

Do the bullets make it through the charged fire extinguisher?


No, the hypothesis that a .22 LR bullet would make it through was false. But later shots on an empty fire extinguisher show that the hot little .22 bullet gets through quite well. It's interesting that the pressurized canister makes such a difference.

It's certainly a cool video, but we want to remind you to be careful about shooting metal objects and be aware of the possibility of ricochets.

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.22 Long Rifle Cartridge vs. Charged Fire Extinguisher [VIDEO]