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The 22 Best Fishing Phone Cases Every Angler Has to Have [PICS]

Practically any enthusiast can now showcase their passion with a phone-case design, and anglers are no exception.


Fine Art America
Fine Art America

Phone cases now display all sorts of art, including designs to proudly show off the love of fishing. Anglers can choose from a host of fishing phone cases that let everyone know they’d rather be fishing.

Here are 22 of our favorite designs.

Check out this slideshow to see some of the best phone cases your favorite angler is sure to love.

Lone Fisherman


You know you’d rather be fishing, and every time you look at your phone this case will remind you of your favorite pastime.

Rainbow Trout


Trout fishermen are passionate creatures, and this phone case will bring a smile to the angler’s face every time.

Big Bass

Jason Mathias

If the angler in your life is all about the bass, this phone case is the perfect gift.

Just Hooked

Fine Art America

Even if the fish aren’t biting, this design will remind the angler in your life of better times on the water.

Fisherman’s Dream

Fine Art America

Every true angler dreams of gorgeous days on a calm stream and plenty of biting fish.


Reels and Tackle

This is one phone case that is sure to remind anglers of fantasy fishing trips in the Caribbean.

Fishing Rivers

Fishing Central

The scene may be nothing more than a dream, but it’s one with which any angler can relate.

Bass Fishing

Fishing Central

Bass fishermen love nothing more than to showcase their favorite hobby at every opportunity.


Etsy/Shadetree Photography

It may look like the inside of a tackle box, but this phone case is a great gift for anglers of any skill.

Gone Fishing

Love It So Much

Even amateur anglers can relate to the anticipation of a minnow in the water.

Hog Fish

Fine Art America

Ever caught a hogfish? This phone case can give you an excuse to brag about your monster catch.


River’s Edge Products

Tell everyone you meet that you love to fish with this “iFish” phone.


Aquatic Addiction

A phone case that features a school of albacore tuna is a superb gift for the Atlantic fisherman in your life.

Fishing Walleye

Aquatic Addiction

If you just can’t get enough of walleye fishing, this is the phone case for you.

Golden Moment

Jason Mathias

The artwork on this phone case captures that golden moment every true angler dreams about.

Blue Marlin

Jason Mathias

If you hope to catch the Holy Grail of fish some day, this phone case is perfect for you.

Harvest Moon

Derek DeYoung

The phone case perfectly depicts the beauty of fishing under the harvest moon.

Hungry Bass


A hungry bass is a true gift for largemouth anglers.

Peacock Bass

Reels and Tackle

The case features a unique design of colorful fins and scales.

Fly Box


If you’re not just a fisherman, but pride yourself on your fly-fishing skills, why not show the world with your phone case?

Fly Fishin’

Bourbon and Boots

A classic design that is sure to please the classic angler.

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The 22 Best Fishing Phone Cases Every Angler Has to Have [PICS]