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The 22 Best Camo Phone Cases Every Outdoors Person Has to Have [PICS]

Once designated specifically for hunting and military gear, camouflage now covers everything from baby clothes, to bedsheets, to phone cases.


From the Draw
From the Draw

Want your phone to blend in when you're out in the woods? Or maybe camouflage is your favorite "color." Either way, the variety of camouflaged phone cases is nearly endless. Whether you want your camo phone case to be red, blue, green or purple, shiny, glittery or dull, chances are you'll be able to find a phone case that tells your story.

Check out this slide show to see 22 awesome camouflage phone cases, perfect for your favorite hunter, outdoors lover, or military hero.


Cellular Outfitter

For the hunter who gets down and dirty with nature, this heavy-duty, military-grade phone carrying case is compatible with almost any smartphone, and many can even remain in their standard phone cases.

Bullet Proof

Cellular Outfitters

Let everyone you meet know you're carrying battle scars with an iPhone case that looks like it's taken some bullets, but is still rough and tough enough to protect your device.

Stylish Wallets

Korea Hallyu

These handmade wallet cases will keep your phone and other personal items together while you show everyone that camo is your favorite "color."

Heavy Duty

Exclusive Mobiles USA

This heavy-duty phone case from Mobile Junction adds color to function with a three-layer protective case, complete with belt clip holster that rotates to become a stand.

Pretty Pink


Of course, this list wouldn't be complete without featuring at least one of the plethora of pink camo phones available. This iPhone case from Lifeproof comes in several Realtree camo shades, including the ever-popular AP Pink.

Country Girls


This slick-looking case is perfect for the country girl who wants to show her style and protect her phone at the same time. The smartphone case is handmade with special photo-printing technology to create a crisp, clear and vivid image.

American Pride

Hunting Skins

Showcase your American pride with this phone case from Hunting Skins featuring a vintage American flag over Mossy Oak camo. Perfect for the true patriot.



Why stop with a camo phone case when you can also accessorize using your favorite pattern?

Real Forest

Etsy/iCandy Products

The camo on this phone case can't get much more realistic, with shades of forest green and gold. The hard plastic iPhone case is great for hunters, outdoors enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Hunter Orange


Combine your favorite camo pattern with brightly-colored hunter orange with this wristlet from Michael Kors in poppy. The clutch features a compartment suitable for iPhone storage, as well as three card slots.

His and Hers


Handmade his-and-hers phone cases can be customized for any couple that wants to show off their love of the hunt.

Mossy Oak

Argos Girl Outdoors

For the outdoorswoman who prides herself on high style, this Mossy Oak real-tree camouflage design features three-layer protection for your phone, as well as extra corner protection.

Woodgrain Camo

Case Oasis

A deer silhouette in camo sits atop a woodgrained background on this handmade iPhone case, creating a classic yet unique design.

Hidden Hunter

Ali Express

Look closely to see that this isn't just any other camo phone case. The hunter pictured is so well-disguised, he could easily be overlooked at a glance.

Camo That Sparkles

The Funky Monkey

For every girly girl that loves being one with nature, this glittery iPhone case from Red Bird designs is great for the outdoors girl that isn't into pink.

State Honors

Mossy Oak

More hunters proudly fly their state flags than any other group, and the State Honor line of phone cases from Hunting Skins lets them fly their flags with pride everywhere they go. Each state logo is printed on top of a Mossy Oak camo background.

Mossy Oak Wallet

Mossy Oak

Keep everything you need in the woods securely together with this Mossy Oak camo phone case from Fonepak. The case not only protects your smartphone, but also has room to store up to five cards and cash.

Camo Skins


Nightvision and Lifeforce created A-Tacs camo phone skins designed to wrap Lifeproof's iPhone cases. Just peel-and-stick and transform your boring old design into a work of camo art.



If you need your phone to be protected in any weather or terrain, this encapsulated, weather-resistant phone case is for you. The case consists of two protective layers made up plastic and silicon, as well as a screen protector and flaps to cover the connectors, all designed to protect the phone from moisture.

Deer Hunter Decals

Etsy/Backwood Hobbies

Protect your phone while showing off your love of everything deer hunting by sticking a handmade camo deer design to your Otter Box or any other phone case.

Japanese Beetle

Tech Fever

True camo lovers will go crazy for this iPhone case from Strapya. The limited-edition case not only features some incredibly realistic camouflage, but also a life-size Japanese beetle.

Military Camo


Your favorite military hero would just love this customizable phone case. Personalize the dog tags to include your military hero's name, rank and serial number.

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The 22 Best Camo Phone Cases Every Outdoors Person Has to Have [PICS]