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How Ballistic Gel Holds up Against the .22-250 Cartridge [VIDEO]

The .22-250 is a fast, long-distance cartridge.

Knocking over game far out in the distance is nothing new for this aging caliber.

Here’s what happens when the .22-250 nails a ballistic gelatin block.

The .22-250 cartridge is a great round when you need to reach out and touch that distant target. This excellent hunting cartridge puts plenty of power and precision on your game animal.

When the bullet hits a ballistic gelatin block, the impact puts on quite a show.

This test uses raw eggs placed inside the ballistic gelatin blocks that show the amount of damage caused by the sonic pressure wave from this destructive bullet.

It’s amazing the damage a high-velocity bullet can actually inflict on its target!

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How Ballistic Gel Holds up Against the .22-250 Cartridge [VIDEO]