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21 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head on Opening Day [PICS]

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In the pre-dawn darkness of opening day, what exactly are we thinking about?

For most of us, there are few things more exciting than Opening Day of hunting season. Like a kid on Christmas Eve, it's difficult to sleep the night before opener.

Once it arrives, the day is full of the promise that anything could happen. That's probably what keeps us coming back each year.

But in those dark hours before sunrise, what goes through our heads? Are we calm and collected like the woods around us, or are thoughts racing through our mind like a hound dog after a rabbit?

Here are a sample of some common opening day ruminations.

Fond Memories

opening day
YETI Coolers

1. First time hunting with parent/grandparent or child.

2. Recalling last year's harvest - whether it was a mature buck or a young doe, this memory is probably at the forefront of our minds.

3. Following number one, we often think back to the first deer we ever harvested, which was a trophy in our minds regardless of the actual size.

4. Staying at the shack or cabin with your family and friends.

5. Anticipation of listening to and watching the woods come alive as the sun rises above the horizon.


opening day
Duluth News Tribune

6. Mental checklist of what you could have possibly forgot at home. There's always something...

7. The various scenarios of which direction a deer would approach your stand.

8. Hoping that your new food plot is the magic ticket to pulling in a nice buck.

9. Hoping that the weather cooperates.

10. Telling yourself that you practiced enough over the summer to make a confident shot.

Humorous Random Thoughts

opening day
Archery Talk

11. "This year, I won't be fooled into thinking a squirrel is a monster buck of a lifetime"...But you know you'll still fall for it.

12. "I probably shouldn't have eaten all that venison chili last night. And I definitely should have brought toilet paper."

13. "Did I lock the house and truck?"

14. "I already can't feel my toes?!"

15. "I'm starving. It's got to be about lunch time." But it's only 8:00 a.m.

16. "Am I crazy for perching my butt up in a tree in 10 degree weather? Probably."


opening day
Heartland Lodge

17. "Maybe today is the day a Booner will finally come by my treestand."

18. If your breakfast was on the light side, your mind probably drifts to the delicious backstrap steaks you're going to make on the grill later.

19. The worst day hunting is better than the best day in the office.

20. "This new deer call is going to be the secret weapon this year!"

21. Only 364 days until next opening day!

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21 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head on Opening Day [PICS]