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20mm Cartridge Takes On AR500 Armor

When a 20mm projectile goes against AR500 Armor, I have a good inclination it will break. Just a wild hunch though.

The 20mm is being fired out of a MK149-4 Phalanx Rifle. Why not, who needs shoulders anyway right? This 20mm slug is going to test an AR500 plate to see how tough it really is.

I can’t imagine shooting 20mm rounds for fun. Makes plinking with a .45/70 look like a total joke.

You have to admit the slow motion footage is absolutely breathtaking in this video. You can even see the plate bend from the concussive force. That energy would totally transfer to the targets body and well pretty much make them into pink mist (industry term).

I greatly appreciate learning how the energy is transferred to their targets. If we can see how energy is transferred from the rifle to the target through the projectile that will make us better shooters. We should all know how ballistics works so we can carefully choose our ammo for gameday.



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20mm Cartridge Takes On AR500 Armor