202-Pound Potential World Record Wahoo Landed in Florida

A 202-pound wahoo was landed in Florida. Will it be the new world record wahoo?

According to the IGFA All-Tackle records, the world record wahoo was caught in 2005 and weighed 184 pounds. Sara Hayward caught the official record fishing near Cabo San Lucas, MexicoThe fish that was just caught would crush the record.

Unfortunately, three anglers took turns fighting the fish. This fact will keep it from the IGFA record books. However, it is still a catch of a lifetime. The anglers will always remember the day they landed this giant wahoo.

It took three of them to bring the massive fish to the boat, and they only had one gaff on the boat to help. Once it was in the boat, they took it to a certified scale at a local marina and the fish weighed in at 202.6-pounds.

So, if you are fishing in a body of water with record-class fish, try to reel the fish in all by yourself. It will save you trouble in the long run!

Lake Worth Fishing Charters recently added a blog entry about the monster wahoo. Captain Bill Romeros included in a full recount of the fishing trip. The clients wanted a goliath grouper and that is what they were after. They focused on shipwrecks in nearly 200 feet of water. The group of anglers thought it was a sailfish once they hooked into this would-be world record wahoo. Instead of staying down like a grouper, the fish made dash to the surface and started stripping drag. This had them excited about catching a sailfish, but the end result was even better. Although it will not be recognized by the IGFA as the world record wahoo, it is a notable catch and bigger than any other fish on record. Congratulations to the lucky anglers for a story they will never forget!


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